How Do I

become a Gold-Sierra puppy owner?

Contact Us!

We will send you all the information:

  •  Information you need about the puppy’s parents (Pedigree, pictures, health tests, exhibition results)
  •  puppy photos
  •  price information

Papers and deposit

We send

  •  our health guarantee that you can read,
  •  the data required for sending deposit

Traveling, Documents

  • Puppy travel to almost any international airport in the world can be done according to the regulations of the host country. If you give the airport and you are seriously interested in a puppy, you will get an exact quote for your trip. There are several ways to travel. For decades we have successfully traveled puppies by cargo and nanny, but you can take your puppy from Budapest airport yourself if you wish to.
  • Naturally the puppy will be provided with the necessary documentation, which is in accordance with the requirements of the receiver country. (Passport,vaccination records,health examination, any supporting documents required for transport.)

Prepare to receive your new family member and ask us for advice on anything you need help with!

Extra options

If you wish, it is possible to keep your puppy (longer than necessary) before traveling.

For example:

  • You would like your puppy to be prepared for the exhibition world by a handler at a basic level or even more seriously,
  •  or you would like to start your exhibition career with us already.
  •  or you just don’t have the ability to bet right away when your puppy is ready to travel,
  •  or you may have a vacation or other non-deferred program.

Our puppies are under constant veterinary control, raised with children and other animals in the family environment, and will come to your new home with the travel option of your choice.